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Bulletins of two contests are now available: 7th Karpatia Cup F2C/A, and open Polish Andrzej Rachwał Memorial F2C/F2A-Tornado.

Andrzej Rachwał Memorial

Andrzej Rachal 2014 Bulletin

Dąbrowa Górnicza

26-27 April 2014

Opening, Saturday, 10:30

7th Karpatia Cup

7th Carpatia Cup Bulletin

BÉKÉSCSABA Airport, Hungary

19-20 lipca 2014

Opening, Saturday, 9:00

Webpage: http://www.bumacofly.hu/





Download this file (7th Carpathia bulletin.pdf)7th Carpatia Cup Bulletin[7th Carpatia Cup Bulletin]275 kB
Download this file (Program zawodów 26-27.04. DG.pdf)Andrzej Rachal 2014 Bulletin[ ]353 kB
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